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Our Personnel

Our Managing Director is Mr Anders S Axelson BE(Civil) Melb., LLB(Hons) Lond., MIEAust, MCIArb.

Mr Axelson is one of the world's foremost consultants in the analysis of cause and effect on construction delay, a field of expertise he practices on a worldwide basis. Mr Axelson has been instrumental in the development of Delaymaster, the world's first software designed specifically for the modelling of project delay. Mr Axelson also specialises in construction dispute resolution, forensic operations research, forensic cost engineering, risk analysis and project governance. He has advised clients on scores of high profile civil engineering, building, rail, transportation, defence, energy and IT projects across five continents, and testified as an expert witness on numerous construction delay disputes. He has also lectured in seminars on construction disputes, and co-authored and co-edited textbooks on construction delay. Mr Axelson was also a co-founder and director of the Society of Construction Law Australia. He holds degrees in engineering and law from the Universities of Melbourne and London respectively, supplemented by an assortment of postgraduate endeavours. See also LinkedIn.


Pezala Consulting is currently recruiting talented individuals for its Melbourne, Australia office. For more information, please email recruitment@pezala.com.