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Our services span the areas listed below. In general, we are known for our tactically astute, innovative, scientific and technologically forward approach to client service delivery. For instance, we have pioneered the use of a hybrid simulation engine for for forensic delay analysis and the use of IBM's operations research software for the resolution of complex disruption problems.

  1. Independent and Forensic Expert Services
    • Forensic delay and schedule analysis
    • Forensic loss of productivity and disruption analysis
  2. Strategic Services For Contracting Parties
    • Claim and dispute management planning
    • Presentation and negotiation over entitlement
    • Appointment and management of legal counsel
    • Recovery Estimation

  3. Dispute Resolution Services
    • Expert determination of delay
    • Adjudication
    • Arbitration
  4. Cost Engineering Services
    • Modelling the cost effects of delay, disruption, lost productivity and prolongation
  5. Management Consulting Services
    • Project governance reviews
    • Risk management planning
    • Quantitative risk assessments
    • Whole-of-industry advisory services
  6. Educational Services
    • Presentations and seminars
  7. Software Development
    • Delaymaster™

For more information, please email admin@pezala.com.