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Software Development: Introducing Delaymaster

Pezala Consulting has developed the revolutionary new software tool, Delaymaster™ (patent pending). Delaymaster™ automates forensic delay analysis and the determination of extension of time entitlement on complex construction projects.

How should this be done in a mathematically and scientifically rigorous way? Such a problem has bedevilled the construction industry worldwide and related sectors for many decades. Industry experts have been unable to agree on a single unified protocol for making such a determination. Protracted and costly legal disputes over causation are a common result - all for the sake of a single calculation.

Download a white paper on Delaymaster.

The professional judgements that are necessary to translate a real project into a mathematical model such as a critical path network will always likely prove contentious. Once a particular model has been established, however, there is no reason why the underlying calculations associated with delay cannot be automated.

Delaymaster™ successfully achieves such an outcome.

Bypassing the need for proprietary project planning software, Delaymaster™ wraps a scheduling engine in a simulation engine to model project timing. To ensure accuracy, Delaymaster™ will calculate a new critical path as frequently as every hour of the project.

On a technical note, Delaymaster™ interweaves instantaneous change (where the causation of delay is ascribed to discrete events) with continuous change (where the causation of project delay is associated with the activity or activities at the intersection of the critical path and the workfront). This builds on but advances from the various approaches to forensic delay analysis documented by the UK's Society of Construction Law and the US-based Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering.

Delaymaster™ easily handles multiple or staged completion milestones, different approaches to the treatment of concurrent delay and different parameters on the question of 'float ownership.'

Once the delay calculation is performed, Delaymaster™ will then produce automatically much of the information needed for full scientific disclosure in a rigorous expert report.

On projects where it has been deployed, Delaymaster™ has revolutionised the speed, accuracy and accountability by which project delay and extension of time entitlement are determined, thus rendering obsolete traditional methods of delay analysis which rely on project planning software.

Delaymaster™ has automated, at the touch of a button, computation and reporting processes that may on large projects have previously taken a team of analysts several months to produce.

When it comes to dispute resolution, Delaymaster™ makes it easier for parties to narrow the issues in contention, and thus reduces dramatically the costs to parties of resolving delay disputes.

Delaymaster™ is currently is use in-house at Pezala Consulting. As a separate side-project, it is also being spun off as a standalone commercial software start-up initiative.

For further information, please contact admin@pezala.com.

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